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Frequently Asked Questions

What purchase decisions should I consider before I get my quote?

The first thing to ask yourself is “What do I need this structure for?”

Are you wanting more space for storing garden machinery and sporting gear? Does your business need some custom designed commercial sheds for safely storing products in-between deliveries? Maybe all you need is an extra carport built because your little boy is all grown up now and has his own car, but there’s no space left in the garage.

Once you have sorted out exactly why you need a shed, garage, patio, awning or carport, the second step is to research if you need council approval to go ahead with the construction.

Each state has it’s own set of rules and regulations about this, but don’t stress as you can talk to the friendly ShedBoss team at your nearest franchise and they can help guide you throughout the entire process.

Do you provide a building or installation service?

We sure do! We have a team of fully licensed professionals with expertise in all your building and installation needs. We can offer you the whole package and run the project from start to finish, meaning all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the keys to be placed in your hands.

Best of all, when we build for you, there is no liability placed on you as an owner-builder. Our years of experience in construction mean that we always deliver quality, sturdy sheds that are backed by a ShedSafe™ guarantee.

Once you design your own structure through the ShedBoss app, we receive the plans and get down to business by working on the specifics of your project. After this preliminary stage is completed, we begin the build for you – starting with any required earthworks, moving on to laying concrete and then the final stages of erecting walls and placing a secure roof.

We pay attention to detail, making sure that your project meets the local council’s requirements. Here at ShedBoss, our builders truly know their stuff, but most importantly, they care about turning your design on paper into a finished, masterfully built space in person.