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10 ways a shed could save you money

Would you like some extra cash? Thought so! Everyone likes to save so here’s 10 ways a shed can help you hang onto your moolah and have more fun at the same time.

1. Saves on storage costs

This is a no brainer. Storage is big business today. In fact, Australians spend over $1 billion on it every year! A small self-storage unit in Sydney will run you about $150 per month. That’s $1800 per year! If you have storage needs, a shed will pay for itself in no time.

2. Preserves valuable things like cars and boats

If you’ve got a vintage car or a fishing boat, motorcycle or water craft, leaving these valuable things out in the elements is asking for maintenance problems. A well-constructed shed will keep the weather out and protect your valuable items for decades. Saving untold thousands.

3. Saves money down the pub

It’s human nature. Whether you’re hitting the boutiques in the shopping malls or hitting pints down the pub, boredom finds work for idle hands and empties wallets. The antidote? Get a hobby you love and you’ll never be bored. Over the years we’ve built sheds to house people’s hobbies from model airplanes to boat building.

4. Gives you a place to fix things

What ever happened to the good old repair? In the old days Dad would be in the shed fixing washing machines, repairing furniture or bringing air conditioners back to life. Often there’s no need to spend money replacing things that can be repaired with a few basic tools and a shed to work in.

5. Saves on divorce lawyers

Life puts a lot of pressure on a marriage. You need a place to retreat to find some peace and quiet and relax in a space that’s designed to be perfect for you. Since divorce is one of the most expensive things you can do, the man cave or she shed could save you untold sums of money not to mention a lot of heartache.

6. Saves on therapists

It’s proven that hobbies relieve stress. Having a place to unwind and do something you enjoy will help stabilize your mood and reduce the stress-hormone cortisol. A shed can double as anything from an art studio or a woodwork shop, which is a great way to unwind and shrug off stress. After all, hitting things with a hammer is pretty therapeutic.

7. Saves on doctors

Lack of exercise increases your chances of experiencing health issues such as heart disease. Just 30 minutes of light exercise every day will make a huge difference and your shed is just the place to do it. Keep it simple and just hang a boxing bag from the strong steel structure, or go all out and install an entire gym. Just get moving and stay one step ahead of the doctors

8. Saves on food

Chickens can lay up to 300 eggs per year. That’s a lot of eggs! Keep just 5 hens in your shed and you’ll soon be up to your eyeballs. Not only will you never need to buy eggs again, you could probably even make a few bucks selling some of them to the neighbours. Plus, they’re pretty cute too.

9. Save money on kids’ breakages

As kids, we cost our parents thousands. My brother once threw a giant ball of play-dough through the dryer door. He also managed to break a window with a Lego spaceship and embed one of my mum’s high heeled shoes – tomahawk-style – into the passage door. Giving boys a place to be boys will reduce the likelihood of your grandmother’s fine china becoming rearranged

10. Make money selling your old stuff

Finally, if you’ve spent a lifetime collecting, you may have buried treasure. Old sewing machines, Schwinn bicycles from the 70’s, classic furniture, you’d be surprised what people are willing to buy. Online markets like gumtree.com.au and tradingpost.com.au are great places to offload your unwanted items.


Got some other ideas on how to save money with a shed? Let us know. And if you’d like the best value on a shed of your own, the team at Shedboss will be happy to help.